Off to NYC

When we booked our big adventure, we learned that flights were much cheaper out of JFK and with Southwest points and a companion pass it made sense to leave from NYC. As much as our kids love going to New York we decided to just spend a couple of days there before jumping across the pond!

This trip we stayed at the Double Tree Hotel and it was the perfect location. I usually do not prefer to stay in the heart of Times Square because of the noise. This was a great location just a few blocks away from Times Square and 5th Ave. Our room was rather small like most NYC hotels, but we are usually out exploring and do not spend much time in time in the room!

We arrived late the first night, so we found a little sushi place near our hotel called and it was great. Our kids could live off of noodles and edamame. We were all pretty tired so it was nice to have something quick and easy nearby!

The next morning we attempted to go to Ellen’s Stardust Diner for breakfast, but by the time we got there, they were preparing to serve lunch. If you have not been to Ellen’s Stardust diner, it’s a fun place for the kids. Do not go for the food, go for the entertainment. They do not take reservations, and you have to wait in a line outside to be seated. We arrived a little before 11 and they quit seating people around 11 to turn the kitchen over for lunch and do not start reseating until 11:15. The advantage to this is that they pretty much empty out the restaurant and then seat most people in line at this time. The food is overpriced and just ordinary diner food, but the service was great. The staff is the entertainment. So, your waitress may take your order and then grab a mic! They are all trying to make it on Broadway so all very talented and wonderful performers!

We then went to the kid’s favorite places. Ella’s is of course American Girl. We have already done the hair salon and bistro so today was just to walk around and look. Of course, she had to pick up a little something for her doll! If you have not been to AG in New York, you can literally spend a day here! Beckett’s favorite place is the Nintendo store, so we stopped by there as well. It’s pretty neat with the large screen TV and the gaming stations everywhere! And of course, they have all kinds of Nintendo items!

After our day of shopping we went back to the hotel to freshen up before going to eat again! Most of our days seem to revolve around food! We had tickets for Aladdin at 6:30 and dinner reservations at Carmine’s at 5:00, I probably should have made them for earlier because we arrived right around 5 and we had to wait until after 5:30 to be seated! However, we sat down and asked the waiter what was fast, so they were able to rush out a lasagna for us! To be so fast, it really was amazing. I just wish we could have enjoyed it a little longer.

We raced off to Aladdin which was luckily right next to Carmine’s. My kids loved Aladdin! My son loved the sword fights and my daughter loved the Genie! The actors were great, and it held their attention for the entire show! Ella’s favorite thing was walking around to the back ally after the show and meeting the cast. They were all so friendly and took time for pictures and autographs.
Rather than going back to the hotel and putting the kids to bed like good parents, we hopped in a cab and went to Serendipity for dessert! If you have not been to Serendipity, it’s a must! Yes, you overpay for hot chocolate and ice cream, but it is really good! We were lucky to not have to wait and the staff was very friendly. Overall it was a great way to top off the night!

The next morning it was time to eat again so we headed off to Sara Beth’s in Central Park. This was more of a mommy treat than a kid treat. Sara Beth’s is the cutest café located next to Central Park. It does have white table cloths but there were plenty of children there as well. My kids of course loved the hot chocolate and pancakes! I’m always a fan of eggs benedict which was amazing while Jason had an egg dish. Everything we had was amazing!

We then walked over to the National Museum of History. I think everyone in New York had the same idea. It was pouring rain and we had to wait in a long line outside. Once we got inside we spent a few hours wondering around looking at many of the things in the museum. There are so many animals to look at and the kids loved the space area. We easily could have spent a whole day here, but the kids were a little tired from walking so much. The museum is located next to Central Park, so we started to walk back but somehow ended up in a horse and carriage, thanks to Ella. It was actually nice to sit down for 30 minutes and see the park, and a great way to end our day! We had to had to get back to the hotel to get ready for our big flight out!

There is always so much to do and not enough time in New York! Always a good choice for a long weekend with or without kids!