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Aaaaah! That’s basically the way it is most of the time with a 7 year old boy and a 10 year old girl. Pick that up, take the dog out, laundry, dishes, my husband needs something, more laundry, 5 minutes to myse…what do you need? Did I mention more laundry?

I’m joking, but it’s not that far off. One thing I can definitely say is that I absolutely love being a mom. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. I joke about the bad times, but the good times absolutely outweigh the hard times. 

Can you relate? I would love to hear your best mom stories, so please, please, please send me a message through email or through social media. I want to connect with other moms and share our experiences together. I’m happy to share any tips I have that make “momming” more enjoyable and I’ll definitely take any tips that you have! Moms…we have to stick together!

The Best Home Humidifier to Protect your Air

Over the last year our family has had more health challenges so I started researching more about how air quality can effect your health, and discovered Venta humidifiers.  Venturing into the realm of humidifiers can be a game-changer for any parent, especially those with little ones. As a mom navigating the challenges of parenthood, I […]

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My Favorite Avara Looks

My favorite gameday apparel! Go vols!

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The Best Back to School Sale for Moms

While we may have all been busy buying the kids back to school clothes, we can’t forget the moms! I’m loving these items from Evereve, all for under $100 to carry us into fall! Here are some of my favorite everyday finds! Traveling for Labor Day? These are some great travel dresses! A great deal […]

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My Story with Endometriosis 

My personal journey with endometriosis that led to a hysterectomy at age 40.

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The Solution for all the unanswered School Problems

 If you’re like me, teaching your kids during a pandemic was not something I learned in school, nor do I have a degree in education. This past year we’ve tried a little bit of everything to keep the kids on track, from beginning with a zoom classroom, to homeschooling, to even back in the regular […]

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Instant Pot Weeknight Lasagna

Now that school is back in full swing with after school activities, it’s hard to find easy weeknight meal that are ready when you walk in after a late night night game or practice. This easy lasagna is one of the kids favorite. I’ve learned it’s easy to make ahead of time and it will […]

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