If you’re like me, teaching your kids during a pandemic was not something I learned in school, nor do I have a degree in education. This past year we’ve tried a little bit of everything to keep the kids on track, from beginning with a zoom classroom, to homeschooling, to even back in the regular classroom. Regardless of who is teaching my child, they still have questions and need additional help. We recently discovered EBO Tutoring!  It’s a online tutoring service that not only helps my daughter…but let’s be honest, they also help me! They give me my time back! I don’t remember half of the math formulas I learned in school, so I definitely appreciate the extra help. 

School has always been a challenge for my daughter Ella. She loves the social part of it and even some of the learning, just not much of the actual work part…especially if it’s something like math which can be harder to comprehend. 

When I found EBO tutoring, I thought it may be difficult to get started, but I can honestly say I was completely wrong. The first step was a FREE consultation with Jamal, the founder of EBO, to discuss how they could help. We talked about Ella’s strengths and where she needed help. They really tried to get to know HER, so that they could help her in the best way possible. He explained his passion for helping kids and how he began tutoring. I think you can really tell when someone is excited about their job versus just showing up, and Jamal is very passionate about helping young minds learn in a fun way! He has a team of tutors just as passionate as he is ready to jump in.  

Ella really loved meeting Jamal too. He found a way to connect with her, which is sometimes hard to do, and kept her entertained and engaged during the entire one hour zoom lesson. Just that in itself was pretty amazing. In addition to finding ways to keep her attention, he also used google docs to screen share so she could always see and understand what he was teaching. They even played some fun math games that helped her remember her multiplication tables and he also gave her some resources to use to keep practicing. 

Jamal even specializes in creative writing and helping kids think outside the box, which is perfect for kid’s who need help expressing their ideas onto paper. EBO also help kids with ACT/SAT preparation and general test taking, which can be a challenge for so many, along with a proven track record of improving students grades. The thing I love the most is the fact the we don’t even have to leave home. We have returned to a new, busy normal, so not having to run the kids one more place is amazing, but what’s even better is having that momma piece of mind that my children are getting quality help with their education in an easy, fun, and convenient way, that is tailored to their needs. EBO also offers affordable payment plans to help parents provide for their kids. I would definitely recommend EBO tutoring for anyone looking to add a great tool to your family education tool belt.