Like most kids, school has looked completely different this year. From homeschool, remote school, to in person school, everyone is trying something new. This year Ella started a homeschool co-op program. Where she goes to school 2 days a weeks and then she is home the other 3 days. She also works with another teacher 2 of the homeschool days, who helps her with math and other challenging subjects.

Recently she was given the assignment to present a brochure about a historic hotel for Tennessee History. Of course she wanted to visit the duck hotel, also known as The Peabody!

I have visited Memphis many times and had never stayed at the Peabody so this was also a treat for me! We invited one of Ella’s friends, who is was also working on the same project to come along and join with her mom.

We were greeted by the most friendly staff and surprised to learn even our room was going to be ready early!

If you have never been to The Peabody, one thing they are known for are the ducks! Every day at 11 am the ducks walk down from their $200,000 royal duck palace, down the elevator, and walk onto a red carpet to enter the center fountain located inside the lobby. It is quite the production!

The best surprise was that the girls were the honorary duckmaster for the day! Everyday for the morning walk and evening walk the head Duckmaster has an honory duckmaster to help escort the ducks! Kenon who is the lead Duckmaster was so great with the girls. He took time to answer their questions and was truly a joy. When the girls asked why he liked his job, he responded that we are all here for a purpose and my purpose is to bring joy to people’s lives, and you could honestly see that in him. If you happen to visit please tell him we said “hello!”

A couple of fun facts about the Peabody Ducks

  • The ducks arrived back in the 1930’s
  • In 1940, a bellman named Edward Pembroke, offered to train the ducks, and became the first Duckmaster, and served for 51 years
  • The duck march has been on going everyday at 11am and 5 pm for almost 90 years
  • The ducks only live at the hotel for 3 months before a new team moves in and the older team is retired to the wild

Our room at the Peabody was beautiful. We had two gorgeous double beds with a bath. There was plenty of room for 4 people. And the decor made you feel like you were miles away! I honestly slept the best I had in a while!

We enjoyed dinner at Chez Philippe, the French inspired restaurant, and don’t worry they do not serve duck! The girls enjoyed the spaghetti bolognese while we enjoyed the scallops over risotto. Everything was amazing!

The girls also enjoyed an after dinner swim in the indoor pool.

The staff does a great job catering to children. I’m sure you have stayed at luxury hotels before where you feel like you are having to constantly remind your children to be on their best behavior to avoid the glares, and the Peabody staff went above and beyond to embrace their personalities and welcome them!

If you looking to learn a little Tennessee history or just a night away, I highly recommend staying that The Peabody Memphis.