Let’s Talk Food! 

Most people know food is my love language! Most days are planned around food. If we have a date night, I will read almost every review of new restaurants before picking one. It’s honestly one of the things that Jason and I argue the most about, he doesn’t understand why I stress about just picking somewhere to eat. However, if I’m going to spend money and calories, it better be on good food!

After 2 months of eating such amazing food in Europe, I returned ready to attempt cooking some of these foods! What I was not prepared for was how my body would react when we returned. We usually eat pretty clean with the occasional treat here and there, but it took a few days for my stomach to adjust to being back home. It made me questions how much stuff we have in our food in the US vs. Europe.

I recently learned that most places in Europe do not allow GMO’s or additional hormones in cows. So, it makes you wonder what are we eating in the US?

I loved how eating in Italy was a true farm to table every day. No matter how small or large the restaurant was, the waiter would say this cheese is from the farm down the road or the beef was from this local farm where you could actually see the cows roaming in the grass.

We were even lucky enough to dine one evening at farmer celebration dinner and try foods from local area farms. The appetizer was from one farm, the cheese was from another, and the main entrée was from a local beef farm. It was a real treat.

Another restaurant we loved the owner told us how her parents owned the local butcher shop and all the meat was from there.

Even when we went to the grocery store, we could not find bacon and were told to go to the butcher to have him cut it. Sure, enough he asked how many slices we needed and he cut the bacon slices right in front of us.

So while America is home of everything being supersized and fast it makes you question is faster and bigger really better?