Ok so let’s talk Botox and fillers…I was hesitant to share but I always want to be real and share all the things. Right now in our world of instagram with editing tools and filters we can look our best and that’s not always real life. As we age and our skin changes and our kids add a few more wrinkles, we sometimes wish we could make a few changes with an eraser. I’m always for supporting whatever makes you feel your best in moderation. If it’s highlights, get the highlights, if it’s a tummy tuck, go for it, and if it’s Botox, why not? I do think people can take it to the extreme but I’m talking modest changes.

Today there are so many places that will do anything to anyone who asks and I think that is where people need to be careful. You can find great deals on Groupon but are they a reliable source with years of experience, and you have to make sure they are not watering down the products. I recently met Dr. Mary Lynn Moran and was blown away with her expertise. She is the only female double board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon in the state of Tennessee. Practicing for over 27 years, she is very knowledgable and takes pride in her work. I was also impressed that she informed me she stays more on the conservative side and even talked me out of things I was questioning, after all we are our worst critic. 

Dr. Moran’s office is located in Cool Springs and her staff makes you feel right at home when you walk in. I first went for a consultation, where they took a 3-D image to look at together and discuss my areas of concern. She offered some suggestions to help me feel my best and addressed all my questions. 

My three main areas of concern were of course my forehead with wrinkles, under my eyes, and I’ve always wanted just a little thicker lips but not wanting duck lips. She discussed some conservative options. I also loved how she referred to everything as sculpting. 

I returned the following week to Dr. Moran’s office for my scheduled appointment. She used a numbing cream around my face to help with the pain and also a nerve block on my lips which is something many places cannot offer. I think I have a pretty high pain tolerance but let’s be honest, no one like needles. I felt very at ease with Dr. Moran throughout the procedure. This was not my first experience with Botox but it was my first time with filler. While it’s not as relaxing as a trip to the spa, a few days later you have the day spa afterglow that lasts much longer. I did have a little bruising the following day from the filler but everyone’s skin is different. I was also able to hide it with a little concealer. My advice would be not have any major events the following day. 

I returned 2 weeks later for my follow up appointment and have been so happy with my results. One of the other great things about Dr. Moran is that she follows up and wants to make sure you are happy with your results. I loved how for me everything looked natural, I was not wanting anything drastic and she was able to achieve the look I wanted! 

Call today to schedule your consultation and receive $50 off any area of injectables, or $500 off 6 or more cycles of Cool Sculpting. (615) 224-8287