Hey friends! You may be wondering what Southern Snippets is, or if you already know me you may be wondering what in the world is Crystal doing? To be honest I feel like I’m jumping off a bridge. I have wanted to start a blog for over 5 years but have always found an excuse and talked myself out of starting. Everything from what will people think, everyone else is already doing it, who really cares about what I think?

If you know my daughter Ella, you know that the world truly is her stage, always singing and ready to perform and wants to be EVERYTHING when she grows up! One day I was thinking about her and how I hope she always has a child like faith that is never discouraged from trying something new or caring about what others may think, which made me question my own fears and how to continue to encourage Ella if I was to afraid to take a leap myself. So here I am.

I have always loved food! From trying new restaurants and new recipes, I seriously love food. I love to help friends pick a place to try for a special occasion or help another mom with an easy kid friendly healthy dinner! I love to try to cook healthy recipes, even whole 30 approved or paleo meals, but I certainly love to cook things that are from my deep southern roots too!

I enjoy exercising and love trying new workouts! Anything to help balance out all the food I love to eat!

Most of all I love my family. I’m not perfect and certainly do not have all the answers but I love sharing anything I learn!