All about Even Hotels

Recently our family went on a trip to New York City. If you’ve been to NYC you know that finding a hotel can be very overwhelming, also very pricey. I usually read every review possible on Trip Advisor, and any blog I can find about the city. And of course finding a hotel for kids is a game changer, especially in NYC where most hotel rooms are the size of a closet, and let’s be honest I am not a light packer, so I was overly impressed with Even Hotels, located in South Times Square.

Our flight was delayed so we did not arrive at the hotel until after 11pm with 3 bags and 2 very tired kids. Thankfully we were greeted by the nicest staff who made check in a breeze, even accommodating my higher floor request. The room was very clean with plenty of room for suitcases and storage. My 8 year old daughter even had room for her doll’s bed and luggage, that travels everywhere with us. The room also included a mini fridge, which for us is a necessity when we travel for my daughter’s refrigerated medication.

For this trip I knew we were going to be on a tight schedule with little free time so I did not plan on having time to fit a work out in. I was hoping my walking would count, but walking into this room allowed for no excuses to skip a workout. Everything from a fitness ball, bands, to quick in room workouts programmed on the tv. Each room also includes a water bottle you can keep with filtered water available on certain floors. The best part…there is even a service to wash your work out clothes nightly for FREE! Additional ways that Even Hotels provided ways to stay healthy while traveling was the amazing fitness center and a market with organic and healthy food choices. The kid’s favorite thing was the game room! Besides all our healthy options my favorite part was after a long day we came back to the room with special treats! Cookies and milk for the kids and beer for the parents! Life is all about balance! Thanks Even Hotels for helping make our little NYC getaway even better!