We decided to take advantage of a cloudy day and go pick some strawberries! Strawberry season in the south is usually sometime between April and June. We looked up a few nearby farms and decided to head to Murfreesboro to Batey Farms.  

Batey Farms is located right off 840 so it was an easy drive from Franklin. We were able to park right by the entrance so we did not even have to walk far. When you arrive you are given a basket and told which rows to pick from along with a few other picking tips!

You pay for the strawberries you pick, and just keep in mind you can’t return the ones you pick! They also have a cute store with already picked strawberries if you don’t want to pick them. The store also includes beef and pork from the farm for purchase. We bought some sausage that the kids also loved. Overall it was a very fun day for the kids! We are looking forward to returning the end of June to pick blueberries!

Batey Farms

5331 Baker Road

Murfreesboro, TN 37129