Summer at Opryland is back with more fun for kids featuring their new Pirate and Princess’s theme! 

The Pirates & Princess Academy is the cutest interactive show for the kids! Featuring singing and dancing with kids participation. The show is located in the Delta and about 30 minutes long to entertain the kids. 

ThePrincess’s Shiny Stash Treasure Hunt is a fun way to explore the resort and let the kids get their energy out! The hunt takes you around the resort to find princess’s treasure. This is one of my kids favorite things to do! It gives them independence like they are leading the way while having some fun! 

Coffer Crafts is a great way to keep the kids busy with crafts. From coloring to creating, it’s fun for all ages. Kids have the option to create their own princess tiara, pirate hat, boat and more! Enjoy your morning coffee and the sounds of the falls in the delta while the kids have fun with crafts! 

Treasure Trove is another great way for children and adults to take be artistic and take some time to paint

The Captain’s Hidden Treasure Escape room is great for all ages! Especially your teenagers! You have 30 minutes to find the key the hidden treasure and escaped. It may be summer but this involves lots of thinking outside the box! 

Lost Treasure Flatboat Voyage is a way to enjoy the Delta Riverboat while hearing the legend of the rare princess blue sapphire, lost in the Cumberland! 

The Royal Carriage Ride is not be missed with a private horse and carriage ride around the Opryland Resort. 

And of course if you compete all the new fun summer activities there is always Soundwaves!