These easy crispy buffalo chicken tacos are so good and perfect for your next get together! I just threw some chicken breast in the instant pot with some buffalo seasoning found at Trader Joe’s, cooked the chicken for about 11 minutes and then shredded. Added some buffalo sauce, I prefer the Primal Kitchen Brand but you can use Frank’s Hot Sauce or whatever you like. I added about a cup, give or take depending on how chicken you have. Then add a cup of cheese to mix all together.

Once your oil is hot in the pan, toss in your tortilla. You can use flour or almond flour if you need gf. You will want your tortilla to fry for about 30 seconds and then flip, once you flip, add a layer of cheese (if you like extra cheese) then a scoop of your buffalo chicken mix. Fold over your tortilla and press down. Cook for about 1-2 minutes and flip to the other side until golden brown. Enjoy!

3 Chicken Breast

1 Cup of Cheese

1 Cup of Buffalo Sauce

Mini Tortillas