Elevate your cooking game with Sous Vide. This is one of my favorite cooking secrets. If I’m having guest over and cooking steaks, I know they will be perfect every time and I don’t have to worry about over or under cooking.

The best way to prepare is with basic seasoning. I like the Kinders Garlic, Salt & Pepper for steaks, and maybe add a little butter and rosemary. For chicken I like either lemon pepper, taco, or even teriyaki.

Steak I usually throw in the water bath for about 1.5 hour on 130 for mid rare and chicken for abour an hour at 150. Once they are done, I can place in the fridge to enjoy later or sear in a cast iron skillet to brown.

This saves so much time. If I’m having guest over I’m not stressing about grilling and if I’m just in a rush during the day or evening chaos the chicken is ready to go. It also saves money!