Bags are packed and we’re ready to go! How about you? 

Do you love to travel?

We love making memories with our family, from international travel across the pond to a simple day trip just down the road in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. We are explorers. As Jason and I get older, we believe that making memories with our kids, spending time with them, and showing them everything that God made around the globe is definitely something that is a high priority for us. So, we’ve learned some things along the way…how to find cheap flights, deals on AirB&B’s, eating on a budget in a far away land, and travel hacks that have literally saved us time and money. Our hope is that we can inspire you and your family to take a trip, even a small one down the road…and if we can help you make it easier, then we’ve done our jobs. 

Don’t hesitate to ask us about our travels and you can even check out a few of our travel videos here. Let us know where you and your family have gone…and a few of your favorite places. You never know, we may end up taking your travel tips and heading to your favorite destinations…maybe you can come along!

Escape to Bryson City

I was recently invited to go on a getaway to Bryson City, North Carolina and was a little hesitant to drive off into the mountains, but I was so surprised with everything it had to offer! It was a just a little over 4 hours away from Nashville in between Chattanooga and Knoxville but felt […]

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Strawberry Picking in Tennessee

We decided to take advantage of a cloudy day and go pick some strawberries! Strawberry season in the south is usually sometime between April and June. We looked up a few nearby farms and decided to head to Murfreesboro to Batey Farms.   Batey Farms is located right off 840 so it was an easy […]

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Local Tourist in Coumbia, TN

I have lived in Nashville most of my life and I have to say the only time I have spent much time in Columbia was years ago when I came to Mule Day! Columbia is a small town just south of Nashville with a cute Main Street that feels like you are stepping back in […]

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Top Restaurants in Nashville

Nashville is such a hot spot right now! We just hosted the NFL draft with over 500,000 people in attendance. It’s also one the top destinations for bachelorette parties! I always have people asking where to eat so I thought I would update some of my favorite places in downtown Nashville!  Cocktails and Appetizers Barcelona […]

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Spa Day in Nashville

From a girl who has grown up in Nashville it’s crazy to see how much it has grown! I remember when the “Batman building” was built and we thought that was the tallest building. Today Nashville is covered in high rises with more going up every day. Nashville is Growing Nashville is also now one […]

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Tennessee Christmas at Cheekwood

Exploring Nashville’s Cheekwood at Christmas with kids!

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Surviving an Overnight Flight with Kids

When we planned our big adventure overseas we began our flight search on google flights. We were pretty flexible with dates and even open to which city in the US to fly out from. We have southwest points, along with a companion pass, so getting to most major cities would not cost us very much. […]

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Back to NYC with Kids

Off to NYC When we booked our big adventure, we learned that flights were much cheaper out of JFK and with Southwest points and a companion pass it made sense to leave from NYC. As much as our kids love going to New York we decided to just spend a couple of days there before […]

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Why 30A is the Best Family Beach!

If you grew up in the South then you’ve probably been to the panhandle of Florida. I will argue that the beaches around the Gulf of Mexico are some of the prettiest beaches in the US. With the white sand and crystal blue water it makes it hard to go anywhere else! We have traveled […]

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Traveling to Washington DC with Kids

We recently took an adventure with the kids to Washington DC. We drove from Nashville and what should of taken 10 hours took about 12 hours. We had not one but two tires with nails in them! So it made quite the adventure! We decided to go to Washington to attend the National Turner Syndrome […]

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