Kid Life | Southern Snippets - Part 2

Kid Life

All about E & B! This page is dedicated to Ella and Beckett, my little sunshines! (most of time, unless their thunderstorms…we have those days)

Ella is a heart warrior who teaches us how to give 110% in everything we do. She keeps us on our toes…from crafts to costumes…she is such a joy to be around. 

Beckett is, well just Beckett. Competitive, softhearted, smart and loving…he will challenge you and love you all in the same breath. Raising boys is something else, I’m sure some of you can relate. This momma needs some help. 

The most memorable thing we’ve done with our kids was a spontaneous trip last year where we home schooled them for a semester, rented out the house, and traveled around Europe for a few months. Our kids really opened up, learned about the world, made new friends, and experienced life and cultures outside of the walls of school. Before you ask, it wasn’t that expensive and we had some tricks that made it even easier to do! I’m happy to share our experiences and tips from the trip. Just ask or sign up for the email list!

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Encouraging Words for a New Mom: You are Worthy!

Becoming a new mom was, for me, a beautiful experience, one that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. Being a mom is a continuing blessing for me. This doesn’t mean that raising young children will always be easy—because it won’t. In fact, after having our first baby, I struggled to find a sense […]

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Tennessee Christmas at Cheekwood

Exploring Nashville’s Cheekwood at Christmas with kids!

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Back to NYC with Kids

Off to NYC When we booked our big adventure, we learned that flights were much cheaper out of JFK and with Southwest points and a companion pass it made sense to leave from NYC. As much as our kids love going to New York we decided to just spend a couple of days there before […]

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Why 30A is the Best Family Beach!

If you grew up in the South then you’ve probably been to the panhandle of Florida. I will argue that the beaches around the Gulf of Mexico are some of the prettiest beaches in the US. With the white sand and crystal blue water it makes it hard to go anywhere else!We have traveled all […]

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Traveling to Washington DC with Kids

We recently took an adventure with the kids to Washington DC. We drove from Nashville and what should of taken 10 hours took about 12 hours. We had not one but two tires with nails in them! So it made quite the adventure! We decided to go to Washington to attend the National Turner Syndrome […]

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Ella’s Journey with Turner Syndrome

The other day I mentioned that Ella had Turner Syndrome in an instagram post, I received so much positive feedback and questions that I wanted to share a quick post with more details. I always debate on sharing or how much to share because I don’t ever want Turner Syndrome to be something that defines […]

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