Food for Southerners is a way of life, and if you grew up in the south you know exactly what I mean. Meals meant time together…whether it was cooking together or sharing an experience at the table, I’ve grown up with a love for food…whether it’s cooking it or eating it!

My grandmother, Ginny, is basically a clone of Paula Dean. She owned a restaurant just outside of Birmingham, Alabama and that’s where I was introduced to all the flavors of the south…from fried chicken to turnip greens. I would spend my summers there as a little girl, working as a hostess, filling glasses of sweat tea or chopping lemons in the back.  My mom worked late nights as a nurse, so it fell on me to cook for the family most nights…so I come by it honestly. 

I look back fondly on our family dinners, and I’m thankful for all of the time that we shared eating at that little table. Every night our family sat down together, some nights it would just be tomato soup and a grilled cheese and other nights it may be a feast, but we always sat down together...and that was the magic. Our house was where everyone got together, and today I try to make sure our home has that same feel. 

If you’re anything like me, I hope I can share a little bit about what I’ve learned along the way so that you can make your family memories around the dinner table that much more special. From recipes, to tips, and even some great kitchen gadgets…I’m here to serve you by pouring out all the stuff I’ve learned along the way!

"The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating it." - John Walters 

Escape to Bryson City

I was recently invited to go on a getaway to Bryson City, North Carolina and was a little hesitant to drive off into the mountains, but I was so surprised with everything it had to offer! It was a just a little over 4 hours away from Nashville in between Chattanooga and Knoxville but felt […]

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Top Restaurants in Nashville

Nashville is such a hot spot right now! We just hosted the NFL draft with over 500,000 people in attendance. It’s also one the top destinations for bachelorette parties! I always have people asking where to eat so I thought I would update some of my favorite places in downtown Nashville!  Cocktails and Appetizers Barcelona […]

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A Foodie eating in Europe vs. US

Let’s Talk Food!  Most people know food is my love language! Most days are planned around food. If we have a date night, I will read almost every review of new restaurants before picking one. It’s honestly one of the things that Jason and I argue the most about, he doesn’t understand why I stress […]

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All About Nashville’s Seafood Spot Fin & Pearl

  I recently had fun sitting down and learning more about Fin & Pearl! One of my favorite places in the Gulch Nashville! I love fresh seafood and when you are not close to the ocean it can sometimes be a challenge to find the freshest. They also have one of my favorite happy hour […]

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